The Montana chapter of NNSTOY (MT STOY) aims to promote teacher leadership that will impact student learning by elevating the teaching profession through purposeful, non-partisan engagement in state-wide activities and conversations related to education.

Dylan Huisken


“I am tremendously honored to represent Montana on the national stage. I look forward to talking to other teachers across the U.S. about our passion for life-long learning and what Montana teachers do extremely well, like our ability to use relevant, place-based curricula across our vast state, especially with respect to our Indian Education for All program.” – more


Advocating for Montana Teachers and Students
This summer, I was selected by the Society for Science and the Public to attend a Research Teachers Conference in Washington, D.C. from Sept. 28-30,... read more
Using Our Voices to Advocate for Montana Students
After my first year of teaching, I felt an insatiable calling to the profession, and what fundamentally transformed what was just a job into a... read more
(Effectively) Speaking Up & Speaking Out
As I begin my sixteenth year as a teacher, I’ve earned a reputation as someone who speaks up when something stands in the way of good learning and... read more
Take Care of Your Heart
Recently I had a conversation with a new teacher.  I’m her mentor this coming school year and am thrilled to offer support her first year of... read more
Mentorship: A Path Towards Teacher Recruitment and Retention
My first years of teaching in eastern Montana were both rewarding and challenging.  Being a new teacher and having the autonomy to make decisions... read more

2019 Montana State Teacher of the Year Finalists:

Linda Rost, Matt Schrowe