Welcome to the LASTOY website. LASTOY is professional organization consisting of those that have been named Semi-Finalists, Finalist, and recipients of the Teacher of the Year award for Louisiana which includes elementary, middle, high school, and overall winners.

Mission: LASTOY members are committed to championing the teaching profession and advocating for public education to ensure the best educational opportunities for all students. The mission of LASTOY is to empower Louisiana Teachers of the Year to build professional partnerships in critical areas of policy and practice and to serve as advocates for our students, fellow educators, and our profession.

Goals for LASTOY

  1. Recognize the excellence and commitment of professional educators.
  2. Promote the image of education through public awareness and advocacy.
  3. Stimulate the personal and professional growth of our members through participation in quality professional learning experiences that promote best practices in the field. 
  4. Support educator effectiveness through mentorship of teacher candidates, new educators, and colleagues in Louisiana public schools. 
  5. Provide a forum for members to network, collaborate, and advocate on critical education issues and policies that affect Louisiana students and our profession. 
2021 Louisiana Teacher of the Year

Nathalie Roy


Nathalie Roy teaches Roman technology, classical mythology, and Latin at Glasgow Middle School in East Baton Rouge Parish. Her classes feature interactive lessons about the ancient Romans and Greeks infused with STEM, a unique curricular idea that has afforded her many grant opportunities. Roy is a graduate of public school in Avoyelles Parish where both her parents were teachers. Roy studied classical archaeology at the American Academy in Rome...read more


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Louisiana Public Interest Fellowship
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2021 Louisiana State Teacher of the Year Finalists:

  • Nathalie Roy, 2021 Louisiana Teacher of the Year
  • Angelle Bourgeois, 2021 Louisiana Elementary School Teacher of the Year
  • Trinette Wallace, 2021 Louisiana Middle School Teacher of the Year
  • Kate Youngblood, 2021 Louisiana High School Teacher of the Year
  • Pamela Sorensson, Lafayette Parish
  • Babylyn Abogado, Madison Parish
  • William Hunter Harris, Morehouse Parish
  • Bridget Berry, Point Coupee Parish
  • Carrie Varino, Vermilion Parish