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Lead Sponsors:

Academy-for-Teachers_trademarkThe Joyce D. and Andrew J. Mandell Academy for Teachers is the Connecticut Science Center’s high-impact professional development program for educators. The Joyce D. and Andrew J. Mandell Academy for Teachers is committed to supplying educators with professional development experiences that support rigorous science and curriculum standards. Mandell Academy for Teachers programs transform classroom instruction, resulting in engaging learning experiences that lead to achievement for all students.  More information about the Mandell Academy for Teachers can be found here.

menlo-largeMenloED is an educational resource team, made up of K-12 practitioners, whose goal is to introduce effective and inspiring practices to promote and infuse creative thinking and innovation throughout schools and classrooms. MenloED is for teachers and administrators to inspire them to think and act differently, to cultivate efficacious learning environments, and to equip them with the best strategies, resources, and ideas to help their colleagues and their students succeed.  More information about MenloED can be found here.


Also sponsored by:

ccss_logoThe Connecticut Council for the Social Studies is organized and maintained to advocate and advance the study and teaching of the social studies in the schools, colleges, and other educational institutions of the state of Connecticut; to encourage and support meaningful development and implementation of social studies curriculum and instructional methods throughout the state; and to provide a program of professional activities and interaction throughout the state for social studies educators, students, and other interested persons.  More information about CCSS can be found here.

cris-logoCRIS Radio is Connecticut’s radio reading service for people with print disabilities, reading 70 newspapers and magazines, broadcasting 24/7. CRISKids™ for Schools is a program for students and educators that puts students’ classwork in audio format (human narration) so that it can be accessed through the internet and downloaded onto devices that play mp3 files. The CRISKids Audio Library contains over 600 titles, including Common Core, children’s magazines and materials submitted from teachers all over the state.  More information about CRIS Radio can be found here.

EFEF Educational Tours has helped teachers and students discover the world through culturally immersive educational travel for over 50 years. Through experiential learning they gain new perspectives, develop important 21st century skills and become true global citizens.  More information about EF can be found here.

McMcGrawHillGraw-Hill Education is a Pre-K-12 partner dedicated to reimagining learning in a digital world. We provide superior instructional solutions that are effective, engaging and easy to use, resulting in improved educator efficiency and increased student achievement.  More information about McGraw-Hill Education can be found here.

NNSTOY-Logo-3The National Network of State Teachers of the Year is a professional organization of State Teachers of the Year. Focused on assuring that every student has access to excellent teachers, we are committed to bringing the voice of teachers into policy making and to advocating for the profession.  More information about NNSTOY can be found here.

nystrom-altNystrom Education is the United States’ oldest publisher of wall maps and globes for classroom use. The company’s educational products include an innovative line of student atlases, laminated desk maps, three-dimensional maps and models, CD-ROMs, web sites, and hands-on curricular programs with complete teacher’s guides and detailed student lessons.  More information about Nystrom Education can be found here.

Voya_logoVoya is an industry leader in retirement plans that has been providing 403(b) plan services to Connecticut schools for over 40 years. Voya is committed to helping individuals save for retirement during their working years and creating an income strategy throughout retirement. Voya is very proud to have been a provider in the first 403(b) plan for a public school system and we remain a provider in that plan today.  More information about Voya can be found here.

Additional Sponsors:

Connecticut Educators Computer Association (website)

Old Sturbridge Village (website)

Quinnipiac University (website)


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