Marianne Cavanaugh

CavanaughAfter 30 years teaching Mathematics at the High School and the Middle School levels, Cavanaugh, the 1998 CT Teacher of the Year, accepted a position with the National Mathematics and Science Initiative as the Mathematics Content Director for Connecticut’s Project Opening Doors from 2008 – 2013. As the Content Director, Cavanaugh worked with educators and students at 23 urban and rural district high schools in Connecticut with the goal to increase enrollments and accessibility to AP Calculus, AP Statistics and AP Computer Science in those schools with disproportionately low AP enrollments. Cavanaugh is proud that Project Opening Doors was successful in its mission. Cavanaugh is also a national trainer for Laying the Foundation, a content-based, pedagogy-driven, teacher-to-teacher mathematics professional development program and the 2012 National Mathematics Trainer of the Year. Cavanaugh is still in the classroom as an Adjunct Professor of Mathematics at UCONN and has been teaching Calculus and Pre-calculus since 1998.

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