Deborah Sanders

sandersDeborah Sanders teaches AP English Language and Composition and English Grade 10 at Cromwell High School, is Teacher Advisor to the school’s Literary Magazine, and has served as a Cooperating Teacher for MAT Interns and Student Teachers. Teaching is a second career for her as for over fourteen years she worked in area corporations in marketing management. She also taught Adult Education and served as Adult Education Director at Berlin High School. Dedicated to Teacher Leadership, she is a member of Cromwell’s Superintendent’s Advisory Council, the Cromwell High School Improvement Committee, and a member of Cromwell’s FIRE (Feeding Innovation through Reimaging Education) Academy, a think-tank for creative approaches to education. She was Cromwell’s 2014-2015 District Teacher of the Year and a 2015 CT Semifinalist for CT Teacher of the Year. Sanders holds degrees from the University of Toronto, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Central Connecticut State University, and has studied English at the University of Alberta.


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